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New Acquisition –BMW F650 Funduro
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014 23:00
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New Acquisition –BMW F650 Funduro
Three months later and how is it going?
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Flicking through a local Facebook page that lists items for sale, my lovely wife stumbled upon a 1995 BMW for sale.  After battling the moral dilemma of whether to tell me or not (If I tell him he will buy it), she relented and passed on the info.

“Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?” She asked in a very non-committal manner.

“What is it?” I asked.

“An old BMW 650”

“Not really” I said “How much is it?”

"Cheapish" she said, and then let slip that it only had 4300kms from new, I was suddenly more interested plus it was only about 10kms from home, bonus.


Reading the advert and looking at the pictures which were taken in a poorly lit underground car park I wasn’t sure if the mileage was a misprint.  A quick call was made where the owner assured me that the mileage was correct and the bike was like new.  I thought a “look-see” was in order and arranged a convenient time to view it.

Meeting people to go and look at bikes is always stressful:  do you take all the money or just a deposit, should you meet at the owner’s house rather than a car park, should you run a hpi check before you set off? Meeting at a car park you need to spend as much time checking out the owner and paperwork as the bike itself.  Not a task I really relish, but it was too good a deal to turn down (sometimes this is the problem).

The meeting with the owner couldn’t have gone better.  We met at a local tennis club and I followed him back to the bikes location in the car park under his apartment block.  I had a good look around the bike which turned out to be as genuine as the owner himself.  He even offered to let me have a ride which is unusual but I declined for insurance reasons.  The bike started and ran perfectly, showed little sign of use and appeared to be a great low mileage example of a 19 year old bike.  It turned out that Carl had only owned it a few months and decided sports bikes were more his thing so the BMW had to go.  He had however in the brief ownership period fitted a new pair of Michelin Anakee 3 tyres and a Dominator stainless steel race can.

Within about 15mins a price was agreed upon and collection arranged for the 16th April which was two days later and happens to be my birthday.  Thanks darling, another great birthday present.



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