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CV435 Real De Montroi to Dos Aguas
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Favourite Rides - Costa Blanca
Written by Chris Alderton   
Wednesday, 29 April 2009 01:34

Dos Aquas to Real de Montroi As the road climbs out of Montroi the surface is very good if a little narrow in places, watch for cars pulling out of the urbanisations in the first couple of miles. 

Once you are away from the housing and into the hills the road sweeps and twists its way over hills and through valleys.  It's a very picturesque road for tourers and technical enough for sportsbikes to have fun on.

Watch out for: slow cars on holiday weekends and some tight unmarked bends. Make sure you have enough petrol, the petrol station near Montroi is the only one for about 40 miles.

Distance: 13.85 Miles 22.29KM


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