Ducati Launch 200mph Ice Racer

During a moment of madness someone at Ducati thought studded tyres would be a suitable option for there Motogp bike maybe for use at a Swedish round of the championship.   At the 2008 season launch at Madonna Di Campiglio, Vittoriano Guareschi rode the outgoing GP7 around an ice rink on studded tyres to the amazement of the crowd. 

Enjoy the video

The launch of this years bike and team was marred slightly by Nicky Haydon who was so excited about the new GP10 bike that he posted pictures of it on his own website before the official launch.
The team also has a new manager in the form of Vittoriano Guareschi the former development rider who replaces Livio Suppo.

Official launch picture and the early one from Nicky.