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Lois On The Loose - Author Lois Pryce
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Written by Chris Alderton   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011 20:25

Lois On The Loose - Author Lois Pryce Lois is a typical twenty something office worker, bored with the 9 - 5 routine and itching to try something new.  Having ridden bikes for a while, and visited the more accessible parts of the UK and Europe, where could she go to quench her thirst for adventure.

America wouldn't be the first choice for most especially the whole length of it at 20,000 miles.  Most people wouldn't want to arrange air freight for their bike to Anchorage let alone consider travelling through South America with all its troubles, and to do all this on your own!  Lois on the other hand took it all in her stride.

Lois On The Loose is a wonderful account of one woman's 20,000 mile adventure, the bike she took, the people she met along the way and the places she visited: from staying with friends in LA and enjoying the nightlife to staying a night in a Mexican brothel.  The book moves at a good pace and keeps you hooked, always wanting to read one more chapter.

Highly recommended for the armchair traveller and those with itchy feet alike.

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