A bike for a 15yr old, where do we start?  Obviously it has to be 50cc with or without gears, not tuned/modified, for the ITV they now do a max speed test to ensure compliance along with the usual noise limits, etc etc.  New or second hand, well known brand or chinese import, these were all questions that had to be considered when the youngest member of the Bikers España team embarked on his journey towards motorised two wheeled freedom.

For me as the parent of said 15yr, old safety was also a priority.

No this is not our 15th project as you might suspect but 15 will soon be the age of the youngest member of the Bikers España Team.  In Spain the legal age for riding a scooter was 14 up until a couple of years ago, then the rules changed to 15 as reported by Bikers España in our Spanish Licence Changes article back in Sept 2010.

Father Christmas has arrived early at Bikers España with the delivery of some new bike parts from the UK.  They are for a project in the new year, so watch this space.

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