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Bikers Espana On Tour 2015 - Introduction
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Saturday, 13 June 2015 23:00

About a year ago my brother and I were talking on the phone and the subject turned to motorcycle trips.  It's been a while since we completed one together as other commitments have got in the way, then 13yrs ago I moved to the Costa Blanca making things worse.  Our last proper trip was in 2000 from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. UK to the BOL D'OR which was then being held at Magny Cours. It was a great trip we even managed to get our dad to tag along on his BMW, but 15yrs is a long time ago, so a plan was hatched.


My touring over the last few years has been weekends away within Spain apart from a brief trip into France 7 or 8 years ago and a wonderful trip to Majorca, on the ferry with a few members of the Bikers España Forum, before the website even existed.  After our brief discussion a rough route was in place, to meet in France, do a lap of the Pyrenees and then part ways and head back home.  The initial numbers involved went from 2 to 10 then back to 6 and finally settled on four, a great number for a trip like this.

At Motorcycle Live in 2014 a bit more planning was done, namely the meeting point, Oradour-Sur-Glane was decided upon as it is midway between Scarborough and the Costa Blanca, is somewhere that I have wanted to visit for about 5yrs and would give whoever got there first something to do whilst waiting.  The Millau viaduct and the French medieval town of Carcassonne were also added to the list as well as Andorra.

All was going well the ferry was booked for the 3 coming from the UK and I had a bit of interest from some friends here in Spain then 7 weeks before the event my brother fell off his trials bike and broke both his wrists, bugger.  What would happen now?  Would we still go or delay until later in the year?  Knowing how stubborn/determined my brother is I could see him cutting the plaster casts off himself the night before and going anyway whatever the Dr's recommended.

Luckily, although I had the route mostly fine tuned by this point, non of the accommodation had been booked yet, so apart from the ferry, there would be no lost deposits if a delay was needed.  After a good long chat with my brother we decided that the ferry would be left as was and the trip had a 95% chance of survival.  To this end no hotels or firm commitments would be made until much nearer the time and my brother put a bar riser kit on order for his Kawasaki ZX12R, similar to the one on my GSXR, to help the inevitable wrist ache.

Over the next few weeks planning continued at a much slower pace with a bit of uncertainty thrown into the mix.  For me the big decision was which bike to take, the GSXR is great on the sweeping mountain roads and I have toured on it a good few times over the years, but throw over panniers are a bit of a pain to put on and take off and offer little to no security when you are sightseeing.  On the other hand the BMW F650 has hard luggage and is set up for touring, but how would it cope on the mountain roads and in the company of a ZX12R, CBR1100XX and a GS1200.  I finally came to the conclusion that I would rather be comfortable than fast for this trip at least.

Watch out for the next instalment.....


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