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Bikers Espana On Tour 2015 - The Trip Part 1
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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 17:08

After a few weeks of not knowing whether this trip would actually take place, see Introduction, the day finally came round to set off.  I had word from my brother in the UK that he and 2 friends had departed home early on a slightly cold morning.  I on the other hand set off at about 8:30 in a relaxed mood, only about 700km to do no problem.

Our final meeting point would be a small village called Oradour-Sur-Glane near Limoges in France.  The village is about halfway between my house on the Costa Blanca in Spain and my brothers near Scarborough in the UK.  Oradour-Sur-Glane is a little far for me in one go at about 1060km (for the shortest route) so I decided as did my brother to take a day and a half getting there.


Whilst planning the routes we would take I decided that really on the little BMW motorways and other fast roads are a bit pointless and boring and I had plenty of time to enjoy the journey rather than rush.  Scenic roads it would be then.

Setting off from home leaving my wife and son behind for a week is always a bit difficult, the mix of emotions, setting off on an adventure you have been planning for a while gives me a huge buzz but leaving everyone behind is difficult.  That said after a healthy breakfast I was off.

The first part of the route would take me north east on very familiar roads (N332), I find this a little boring as I have travelled around the local area for the last thirteen years but as the km's mount up and the scenery changes the sense of adventure takes over.  Skirting Valencia on the inevitable motorway is the only real option as I don't want to get stuck in the middle and waste an hour getting lost, then on we go stopping at a nice bar in the small village of Faura for a café con leche and tostada con tomate, lovely.

After this quick stop it was back on the bike and heading north east up the N340, the road in places is a bit straight and boring but better than the motorway.  Past Benicassim where I camped previously (See First Camping Trip On The BMW for details).  At Amposta I turned off onto the C-12 which is a narrow winding lane in places.  This was where the sat nav and pre planned route would come in as I would never have found such fun roads just following my nose.


The road twists and turns following the countryside past Tortosa and before changing to the C43 to Gandesa and the A221 to Caspe.  Just outside Caspe on the A230 you cross the Rio Ebro over a long thin bridge, it's not the prettiest in the world but worth a picture or two.

It's very quiet in this area and as I travelled on towards Bujoraloz, I realised just how quiet as the BMW started to splutter and the reserve tap was employed.  Oh dear this could be a problem, pottering along now just to eek out the last few drops of fuel I rolled into an unmanned station and used a card to top the tank up again.  Unmanned stations are common place in France but this was the first for me in Spain.

On with the journey towards Sariñena and on to the A131 towards Huesca.  By this point it is beyond lunchtime however i am running behind schedule, maybe too many twisty fun roads, and can't find a suitable roadside place to stop where the bike will be visable.  Huesca was very busy.

Out of Huesca on the A23 then N330 towards Jaca the road winds up and over some mountains as we near the Pyrennes.  After some stunning views and great roads I arrived in Jaca at about 19:00 not having eaten anything since my Tostada in the morning. A Mcdonalds sign on a roundabout is a very welcoming sight, not the healthiest food in the world but good enough when you are hungry and short on time.

After that brief interlude I am back on the road with a full tank of petrol heading out on the N330 to my destination for the night in a small village called Estacion de Canfranc in the Pyrennes.  This is a place that I first heard about a few years ago now as it has a very large old derelict railway station that is far out of proportion for the tiny village and surrounding area.

The local visitors centre run trips around the station with hard hats and supervision to avoid injury as the building is in places quite bad, unfortunately for me I am here on the wrong day, maybe next time.

My digs for the night would be the Albergue Rio Aragón which can be booked through Booking.com to make things easier.  This was my first ever foray into a Hostal and after all of the horror stories and warnings from friends and family, I found the whole experiance very pleasant.  This could have been helped by the time of year and the fact it was quiet but I would definately do it again.

Click to see the route on Google Maps (not completely accurate)


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