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Thursday, 02 September 2010 20:27
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Togglmeister and The Biking Viking originally posted this in our Forum, however we thought it worthy of an article with pictures so read on and enjoy.


Sh*t what is this! The thought of landing at a brand new airport in Bratislava was not part of my plan to see the commie east.  Anyway plans had gone ahead since January this year to see what was behind the old Iron Curtain...

 Day 1

Togglemeister and I set out on the 5th of August flying from Alicante to Bratislava in Slovakia since it was the closest to Vienna where our rental bike waited for us. We arrived of course late since Ryanair missed the take off slot from Alicante so about 21.00 hours we arrived in the centre of Bratislava, checked in to the Hotel Danubia (small but brand new business hotel) a couple of hundred metres from the old city centre.

Well as soon we had gotten out of our stinky clothes we decided to walk the back streets of the city centre to get a bite to eat, just after leaving the hotel two guys came up behind us and said something in Slovak . Sh*t what now !!!!?? Anyway they disappeared into the shadows after I dispensed “don't speak slovak mate”(in german and in english to be on the safe side). Phew , I didn't want to get mugged on the first night in Eastern europe.

We found one restaurant that was closing early because of fear that the serbian football hooligans would create havoc in the city centre after a game against the slovaks. We found another restaurant where we had a lovely meal for two paying about 6 euros a head including a couple of pints of beer each (ok I had the couple of pints not Sharon).  Then hurried back to the hotel before Serbian hell broke loose.

Day 2

After a great nights sleep we decided to investigate our surroundings.  In the back alley where we were approached by the two slovaks the night before a F*cking TESCOS 4 storey supermarket was placed. TESCOS WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Any way at midday we headed to the bus station which luckily looked like something out of a James Bond film in the 80's run down and grey with people selling fruit and stuff in the street in front . On the bus 7 euros each and 1 hours ride to Vienna.

Vienna and Bratislava are the closest neighbouring capitals in Europe, only 64 kms apart. We found our hotel in Vienna and spent the afternoon walking around then on to an underground live music bar in the evening after having had Wienerschnitzel and beer of course.


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