It's been a funny old week weather-wise, I've been wearing shorts most of the week as it's been quite warm but then towards the end of the week it started to turn a bit cooler and then the forecast turned to thunder and lightning.  It reminded me of being in the UK in 2001, (the second year of GSXR ownership), for most of the short UK riding season the weather was great from Monday to Thursday and then rained until Sunday evening meaning no biking at the weekend.  The GSXR only did about 150 miles in the whole year, 100 of those were taking it to be serviced, not good.

Over the course of the year, Spain has quite a few National Fiestas (Bank Holidays) and I tend to forget about them until a couple of days before.  Usually, this means I don't have time to organise anything and another bonus biking day goes by without turning a wheel.

This week was no different and I had to be reminded by my lovely wife on Thursday evening that Friday was a fiesta and I should really get out on my bike again.

Having new tyres fitted and setting off on them for the first time can be a bit daunting especially if the tyres are of a type you haven't tried before.  Listening to all of the stories from friends about "scrubbing in times", watching racers slide off on their outlap and the commentators wax lyrical about new tyres and their "break in period", it's enough to put some people off.

However once you've owned a bike for a few years and had a few sets of tyres it becomes second nature.


What better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning than messing about on dirt bikes!

It's been a good few years since I have been off road in any capacity, the last time being on our old BMW F650, riding some tracks in the valley near my home.  This would be different though, a two and a half hour training session with a flat track twist.

Not many takers for this trip, only the three of us, but we had a great time anyway.  I took the usual route down the Calpe Bends (N332) to the BP petrol station at the top of the town to meet up with David and Stu.  David, I have known for years but Stu replied to my post on the Bikers España Facebook Group and tagged along.

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