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1. Mondo Enduro
(Product Reviews/Books & DVD's)
In the winter of 1992 Austin Vince (the husband of Author and adventure rider Lois Pryce) got together with 6 like minded individuals and started to put wheels in motion for their around the world adventure. ...
2. Red Tape And White Knuckles - Author Lois Pryce
(Product Reviews/Books & DVD's)
Red Tape And White Knuckles, the follow up to Lois On The Loose, is the second motorcycle travel book by author Lois Pryce.  The journey this time was from London to Cape Town with a route inspired by ...
3. Lois On The Loose - Author Lois Pryce
(Product Reviews/Books & DVD's)
Lois is a typical twenty something office worker, bored with the 9 - 5 routine and itching to try something new.  Having ridden bikes for a while, and visited the more accessible parts of the UK and Europe, ...