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New ITV Requirements For Motorcycles
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Written by Chris Alderton   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 22:36

ITV - Inspeccion Tecnica de Vehiculos

New regulations are in place governing the motorcycle ITV test.  The changes are designed to limit the modifications owners can make to their machines.

Many owners change their machines to personalise them.  Bodywork, exhausts, indicators and many other items can be improved, restyled or removed to enhance the look of the machine.




The new rules will take affect as follows:

  1. Screens will have to be the original factory fit items or approved replacements
  2. Exhausts have to comply with noise regulations and they now have to be fitted in their original position with the original catalyst in place. No underseat modifications allowed.
  3. Side stands have to be the original fitment.
  4. No Power Commanders.
  5. No changes will be allowed to the final output.
  6. No changes to the wheelbase or the chassis geometry.

Zenon headlights will not be allowed unless supported by a manufacturers safety certificate, a workshop certificate of assembly and a bill of sale.

The new inspection rules are being applied generally in Spain, although each region has the power to review and refine its implementation.

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