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110 Kmph Speed Limit
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Written by Chris Alderton   
Wednesday, 16 March 2011 12:38

110kmph speed limit As the new 110kmph speed restrictions come into force we look at the fines involved and the duration of this new rule.

This new measure, brought in by the Spanish Government in light of the current fuel price rises, is intended to help road users to improve fuel economy. 

The amended traffic act will expire on the 30 June 2011 however there is an option to extend this further.

The fines associated with a breach of the new regulations are a s follows:

  • a breach between 111 and141kmph will incurr a penalty of 100€ with no penalty points.
  • between 141 and 160 the fine will be 160€.
  • additionally all occurences over 150kmph will incur penalty points.

They are also bringing in a scheme to subsidise tyre sales to encourage the replacement of car tyres to improve efficiency further.  A total investment of 1.151 million euros has been allocated to the Tyre Renewal Plan to give a 20€ discount per tyre.



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