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African Brew Ha-Ha - Author Alan Whelan
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Written by Chris Alderton   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 19:44

African Brew Ha Ha by Alan Whelan

Alan Whelan set off on his African adventure in search of the perfect cup of tea. Does such a thing exist and if so what makes it perfect?  Is it the tea itself, the ceremony, the location, or the people you share it with?

Alan's adventure started before he set off to Africa, visiting people around the UK to gain advice and to raise awareness of his trip and the work of the Original Tea Bag Designs Company in Cape Town which would be his destination.

The book recounts the 14,000 mile journey from Lancashire in the UK across Spain and down through Africa to Cape Town with tales of adventure, hospitality and hardship in equal measure.

The book is very entertaining and difficult to put down especially when he was stuck in the mud in Camaroon, highly recommended.

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