Having lived and ridden bikes on the Costa Blanca, Spain for the last 15 years I have ridden most of the interesting roads in the area.  However going out with groups of friends we tend to use the same well worn routes regularly and avoid others, often for good reason.  We know where there are good cafes to stop for a bocadillo or just a café con leché.  There are some well know biker hangouts which shouldn't be missed, but without a bit of exploration we won't find any more.

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Many of the people reading this will know of my brothers motorcycle accident on the 18th September 2016, hopefully you will also be aware of his friends efforts to raise some funds for him.  The funds will enable him to cover some of his expenses for the year while he will be unable to work and make his recovery a little easier to bear.

Having raised a little over £2,000 so far they have put together a fundraising evening this coming Saturday, the 12th of November, at the Londesborough Arms in Seamer near Scarborough.  There will be live music by local entertainer and biker Sammi Lee, a raffle and an auction.  The raffle prizes and auction items have been donated by local businesses and individuals with some superb items on offer.

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Just over 7 weeks ago on the 18th of September my older brother Paul was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, he was very lucky to survive cartwheeling his Kawasaki ZX12R off the road and into a field.  You can read the original article HERE and the piece by the local paper HERE.

I finally managed to see him at the six week mark with a quick trip back to the UK.  His recovery is progressing well but he is still on morphine patches with codine and paracetamol tablets to take the edge off the pain, overnight is the worst as he wakes up in agony after a few hours of laying still.  The 15 ribs that he broke are now well on their way to being healed and his 4 cracked vertebra also, however his legs are still a way off especially the left one as shown above.


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