Sunlight shining through the trees on the road to the top of Coll de Rates.

Sometimes you don't make any plans but still, have the best time.  I started without any plan to ride the bike at all, apart from maybe a quick run-up to the top of Coll de Rates to warm the tyres.  I walked the dog early and took a picture of the beginning of one of my favourite stretches of road and the view down to my home in the Costa Blanca village of Parcent.

KTM 790 Duke Mountain View

Everybody has differing views on how to run in a new motorcycle, some say stick to the Manufacturers recommendations whilst others say "ride it like you stole it" from day one.  Personally, I've only had to do it a couple of times with this being my third new bike in about 35 years of biking.  My first new bike was a Yamaha RD125LC when I was 17 and the second was the trusty GSXR750Y that I bought when I was 28.

KTM 790 Duke at Moto Sport CarreresIn May of 2018, I had a test ride on the KTM 790 Duke at the Orange Days event at Moto Sport Carreres in Crevillente.  The bike was awesome and I said in the review that if I had the money with me it would have been in the garage.  Well 14 months later it has happened, after a bit of prevarication, a house and business move and all the issues that go along with it, it was time for a decision.

KTM 790 Duke on a bridge near Dos Aguas, Costa Blanca, Spain

A couple of years ago whilst searching on Google for some interesting roads to explore, not too far from home, I came across a picture of an interesting looking bridge in a small valley.  I also found the road was near to Dos Aguas which I have been to before many years ago and decided to plan a days ride around the area taking in a couple of reservoirs along the way.

Suzuki Bandit with rider and mountain views.The last ride you have on any bike you own is always a bit special, or eventful in some cases.  The last ride I had on my Suzuki Bandit was special, even though I didn't know at the time it would be the last time.

Over 3 years of ownership I had managed to complete around 8,000km of riding mostly early morning jaunts around the local mountains bit a little touring too, including a 2,700km 5 day trip, which I still haven't finished writing about.

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