KTM 790 Duke Mountain View

Everybody has differing views on how to run in a new motorcycle, some say stick to the Manufacturers recommendations whilst others say "ride it like you stole it" from day one.  Personally, I've only had to do it a couple of times with this being my third new bike in about 35 years of biking.  My first new bike was a Yamaha RD125LC when I was 17 and the second was the trusty GSXR750Y that I bought when I was 28.

My view is to ride mostly as you would normally, but following the rules on RPM and completing the first service on schedule.  Completed over 3 weeks and 3 good rides plus the pick up and drop off at the dealer's, the run-in period has gone well with no issues and I am loving the bike.

The four articles listed give details of the routes and distances travelled during the running-in period, New Acquisition - KTM 790 DUKE, Another Early Morning Route, 2 Reservoirs - A Day Out On A KTM 790 and KTM 790 Duke - First Service.

After the first service, the rev ceiling was increase and the bike came alive in a whole new way with faster acceleration and better overtaking a few extra options were also unlocked on the TFT display such as Launch Control.  So far I am very happy with the bike and looking forward to many years of use and plently of ear to ear grins.