KTM 790 Duke with mountain roads in the backgroundUnfortunately due to my poor timing, the first service on the KTM had to be delayed a few weeks, due to the annual August shutdowns.  However, I managed to get it booked in as soon as the dealers opened up again.

Setting off from home I had a small dilemma, namely, the distance from home was 35km further than I was supposed to be doing before the service.  I know this isn't too critical but had challenged myself to get the bike back with exactly 1000km showing.  After spending a little time with Google Maps I had managed to work out a route that should get me back to Moto Sport Carreres within about 1km of my target and hoped that maybe we would make it.

The journey was fairly uneventful, however, took in some of my favourite roads, so wasn't taken particularly slowly, I kept in mind the target though and took the shortest route whenever possible, straight-lining a few corners and taking smaller roads whenever it would help.

Just as I arrived in Crevillente I made a mistake and took a wrong turn, which messed up the plan a little and added a few km's so ultimately I missed the target but not by enough to be an issue.

The Duke was checked in and I visited the cafe next door for some breakfast, it was a lovely morning and I sat outside thinking about the KTM and how happy I was with it and it's first 1000km's. Since my test ride in early 2018 the 790 Duke had stuck in my mind as a bike that I would really like to own and now 1000km's into the experience I felt the same.  I started to wonder how much different it would feel after the first service once the throttle could be opened fully.  There would also be some extra options on the TFT display the main one being the addition of the Launch Control, which isn't activated until after the service.  This wasn't particularly important to me but others have reported that it works flawlessly.

KTM Duke 790 with USB charger Power PartI also took the opportunity to have a KTM Power Part fitted, don't get too excited, it was just the USB charger option to enable me to charge my GPS or phone whilst out for longer rides.  There are a few other Power Parts that I have looked at and may order in the future, such as the panniers to enable longer trips and maybe some of the accident protection options.

The service went smoothly and I was back on my way with a stamped book and full power KTM.  The difference was quite noticeable the higher rev range allowed me to hang on to gears a little longer for smoother overtakes and coupled with the quick-shifter is a joy to use.

Riding back I had an appointment to get to, so had to be back home as soon as possible, so had to take the motorway which is boring but the KTM put a smile on my face non-the-less.  The KTM Duke 790 is an amazing bike happy on the motorway but happier on the twisty mountain roads of the Costa Blanca.

Thanks to Moto Sport Carreres for great service and attention to detail.

Distance to Moto Sport Carreres: 114km