Hood Motorcycle Jeans LogoOrdering new bike gear over the internet can be fraught with problems, have you picked the right size, is the colour shown accurate, will it be comfortable?  All of these issues and more were floating around my head as I looked at various websites to choose my next pair of biking jeans. I needn't have worried though, as one call to Julie from Hood Jeans, put my mind at ease.

After my brothers horrendous bike accident in September 2016 I find that safety whilst biking is regularly on my mind.  Not to the point of being worried or nervous or affecting my biking particularly, just a little more awareness of what can go wrong on a sunny Sunday on a road you know well.

Honda Africa Twin

The traction control system is an acronym for TCS. It is a system that controls the traction of the driving wheels of a vehicle. Such systems have been part of the automotive industry for several years. However, in motorcycles, they are in continuous development, even though they have recently made their way to various motorcycles.

Alpinstar Grand Torino waterproof touring boots. Over the years I have tried a range of motorcycle boots from many different manufacturers and at a range of price points.  However most have been aimed at the sports bike market, such as Sidi's well know vertebra range.  Looking forward, more touring is hopefully on the cards especially on our BMW F650, where the latest greatest race boots seem a little inappropriate.  But what to buy?

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