Alpinstar Grand Torino waterproof touring boots. Over the years I have tried a range of motorcycle boots from many different manufacturers and at a range of price points.  However most have been aimed at the sports bike market, such as Sidi's well know vertebra range.  Looking forward, more touring is hopefully on the cards especially on our BMW F650, where the latest greatest race boots seem a little inappropriate.  But what to buy?

With touring in mind a pair of Alpinestars Gran Torino WP boots were purchased from Outlet Moto in Valencia.  It's a bit strange for me trying on boots without plastic lumps sticking out everywhere, but that wasn't the point.

Touring boots have to be comfortable on and off the bike for the inevitable sightseeing excursions during a touring holiday.  They also have to be waterproof and still give the amount of protection that a modern motorcycle boot is expected to give.

So far after a couple of days out, I can recommend these boots, they are comfortable, fit well, are warm on a cold day and not too hot on a warm day.  The waterproof properties, however, have not been tested yet.

The only issue I had with them is probably down to the fact that the boots are brand new and that was a lack of ankle movement compared to my race boots.  Riding the BMW with its upright riding position was fine however if I was to use them on the GSXR for a long period I would have to adjust the gear lever to allow easier changes.