Shiny motorbike parts always bring out the small child in me as do MTB parts, gadgets, cream cakes etc etc.  This was different though these parts would hopefully make a substantial difference to my beloved GSXR which on the whole was back to how Suzuki intended.

On arrival the quality of the parts was obvious straight out of the box.  I had considered other suppliers which you can read about here, but am glad that I went with CNC. We went for the full kit which included Renthal bars and HEL brake lines, these are quality products without question, The CNC produced top yoke was the real jewel in the crown though.

The quality of the machining was superb, starting with an inch thick billet and machining it down to perfect dimensions with extra flourishes on the top was great.  I would have preferred a full ring to encase the ignition switch as with the original, but it's a small quibble.

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