Frank Thomas XTI Mesh Jacket In BlueRiding in Spain during the summer months is glorious, glorious that is if you have the right gear and choose the right roads.  Otherwise, you will turn into an overheating mess.

Picture the scene; you are riding through one of the many Spanish cities on your sports bike, looking cool in your matching leathers whilst stopped at the many sets of traffic lights.  This is OK early in the morning but at any other time, the heat from the sun and your too warm sports bike will club together in an attempt to cook you.

For many the answer is T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, for me this seems a little silly, having resorted to a T-shirt and shorts on one occasion many years ago, it just feels wrong.

The answer for me was the purchase of a Frank Thomas XTi Mesh jacket.

The jacket is probably 4yrs old now and shows few signs of wear, although it has to be said I ride far less in the hottest months.  It has stretch panels at the elbows and shoulders to help with fit whilst riding and is made of abrasion resistant fabric and mesh panels to aid airflow.

There are two pockets at the front large enough to wedge in a mobile phone and wallet, no internal pocket but a large rear one in the lumbar area which holds a supplied waterproof outer shell.

Frank Thomas XTi Jacket

CE approved armouring is fitted at the elbows and shoulders the latter having an outer Titanium cap.  There is also a basic foam pad back protector, this is removable and could be replaced with a more substantial item.

The upper arm and forearm areas have adjusting straps as does the waist to ensure a snug fit.  The waist also has a short zip to attach the jacket to the brands textile trousers.

Overall I have been very pleased with the jacket when on the move it allows a good flow of air to keep you cool, looks smart, fits well and has survived a few years of abuse.

The jacket has now been replaced in the range with the XTi 2 available at your local stockist or direct from Frank Thomas.

Frank Thomas XTi 2 Mesh Jacket.