Motrax Love HandlesHave you ever had a nervous pillion or taken someone new out for the first time? It can be quite stressful for both of you.  After all the usual questions "which way do I lean", "how fast will you go" and "how do I get on" you finally get to what do I hold on to?

This one can be quite difficult to answer especially on today's crop of sports bikes, no grab rails, high footpegs etc., etc.  Along came Motrax with their Love Handles the saviour of nervous passengers.  Worn by the rider as a belt over your riding gear they provide a handle at each side as shown in the picture above.  The handles are large enough for most gloved hands and comfortable in use.

Motrax LogoOurs have been used numerous times mainly for new passengers but also as a confidence booster for my wife who hadn't been on the bike for 10 or more years.  A 5-day tour was planned and off we went, the first day the handles were used extensively, day two less so and by day three I stopped wearing them altogether.  My wife has since been on numerous trips and has no problem whatsoever I do however keep them under the seat just in case.

So if you are taking out a nervous passenger or ride a bike with little provision for them invest in a set of these it will be the best few Euros you ever spent.