If you are looking for bike insurance please contact our associates at Insure In Spain who will prepare a no-obligation quotation for you.  They can also provide car, home, life, and many others including sports & hobby policies. They specialise in expat insurance policies and help us by supporting the website so please help to support them. 

Motorcycle insurance in Spain is expensive, there is no getting away from it.  If you are an expat coming from elsewhere in Europe, the UK for me, then your first bike insurance quote will be a shock especially if you have a sports bike or large tourer, I know mine was.  The friendly staff at IIS will explain all of the different policies for you and offer ways of reducing the premium by adapting the policy to suit you and your circumstances.  The amount of excess can be adjusted to alter the premium as well as the amount of health cover included.

Some of the policies include cover for any rider over 25 that have held a bike licence for more than 2 years.  All policies include European breakdown for the duration of the policy as well as a 365-day green card, restrictions can apply.

If you would like a no-obligation quote get in touch today by calling 96 648 2667 and quoting Ref: Bikers or clicking on one of the links above.