Sunlight shining through the trees on the road to the top of Coll de Rates.

Sometimes you don't make any plans but still, have the best time.  I started without any plan to ride the bike at all, apart from maybe a quick run-up to the top of Coll de Rates to warm the tyres.  I walked the dog early and took a picture of the beginning of one of my favourite stretches of road and the view down to my home in the Costa Blanca village of Parcent.

View from Coll de Rates of Parcent

After the dog walk my son rang to remind me of the annual biker meeting in Benissa, I have been before but not for a few years as I often miss the adverts and find out a week later.  After a quick tidy up I donned bike gear and set off to Benissa, there is no real need to publish a map of the ride as its literally one road through the beautiful Jalon Valley from parcent to Benissa.

Arriving at the event I caught up with my son and his friends before wandering around slowly to take in the collection of bikes on display.  It was a good turn out with music, food and drink as usual and followed by a ride out down to the coast.  I usually avoid the ride but enjoy looking around the bikes, I managed to bump into a couple of people that I haven't seen for a while and also found a new member for our Sunday rides, welcome Stefan.

On the way home, I managed my tyre warming exercise up to the top of Coll de Rates and spent another 15-20 minutes talking to couple of bikers before finally heading home to make a start on some jobs.

All in all a great way to spend a couple of hours on a quiet Sunday morning.