Its getting to that time of year again when thoughts turn to motorcycling, especially after last weekends trip to the UK for the MCN London Motorcycle Show.  Usually we ride all year, just missing the heat of August and a bit of rain in January, however this year we have had a considerable amount of rain and even snow on the Costa Blanca.

Many of the people reading this will know of my brothers motorcycle accident on the 18th September 2016, hopefully you will also be aware of his friends efforts to raise some funds for him.  The funds will enable him to cover some of his expenses for the year while he will be unable to work and make his recovery a little easier to bear.

The time has finally come to sell our beloved GSXR, I can't quite believe it's going but it doesn't get used much these day and has covered less than 400kms in the last 6 months which is a waste for such a great bike.

Is it really over 2 month since I wrote the Albir Lighthouse article, it doesn't seem that long.  February started with so much promise, unfortunately circumstances took over a little and plans went out the window, when I managed to break my collarbone in a mountain biking accident...

Mountain biking along with motorbikes has been a passion of mine since childhood.  Motorbikes however have always stayed front and centre whereas MTB's have come and gone.

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