Classics and Legends 2015 at Ricardo Tormo near Valencia was a great success with a good number of people in attendance for this their 2nd year.

There was a good turn out of classic vehicles, from Minis and Fiat 500s through Ferraris and Jaguars to HGVs of all shapes and sizes.The range of motorcycles on display was good with many marques on display for me the display from Valencia's Yamaha RD club was of particular interest as I used to own an RD 125 LC and later an RD 350 YPVS in the dim and dark past.  Seeing them there brought back fond memories of my youth and early twenties trying to ring the last ounce of speed from a screaming two stroke.

There was a good selection of racing vehicles on display with many race bikes, a few sidecars and a whole grid of classic endurance racers.  The sound was great as they set the cars off on a fifty minute race.  We had a few spins and some pit stops where one poor Lotus Cortina had to have it's bonnet duct taped shut after a small coming together with a BMW.

A competition was being held for modified bikes with a fair number on display including some from Cafe Racer Madrid which were well worth a look.  I quit like the Cafe Racer style along with Bobbers, Flat Track and Scramblers as many of you will see on our Facebook page.

A few stars where on hand to chat to the crowd and sign autographs including Freddie Spencer and Giacomo Agostini.  I managed to get both of their Autographs on event fliers for my collection.  Seeing them tearing round the circuit on old race bikes with a large contingent of classic race bikes was a sight to see.  As we looked on Giacomo Agostini pulled out his tool box in the pits and went to work adjusting his own race bike, legend.

At the end of the day even the HGVs had there turn running round the Ricardo Tormo circuit, it is a bit of a strange sight seeing a collection of old lorries and a couple of petrol tankers doing laps around the MotoGP circuit but very entertaining all the same.

Hopefully this event will be repeated next year as I for one am looking forward to it already.

Enjoy the slideshow...and video below.




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