Not sure if any of my regular readers have noticed, but there has been a distinct lack of effort this year.  So far I have competed in 0 events in 2013, and done little training in general.  I'm not quite sure what's going on but I have found many things to blame such as the weather, dark mornings, work and a bunch of other even less believable things.

However, having returned from a trip to Malaga over the first weekend of June I found a link on my Facebook account for a mountain bike challenge from  The basic premise is for the greatest distance covered in the month of June, with prizes for that and also greatest climb in one ride furthest individual ride and then a couple of draws too.

 Sounds like fun I thought so off we go.  having not done much this year the idea of one long ride or planning a route to take in some big climbs seemed like too much work and a plan was devised.  Similar to the tortoise and the heir I would aim for little and often to achieve my goal and help with training along the way.

Now halfway through the month, I am currently in third place for the overall distance with those in front of me so far in front that I probably have no chance of catching them even if the weather in the UK stops all riding.  Regarding the greatest climb, at 2700m ish in one ride for one of the other competitors, this would seem unlikely too.  I am still plodding on though and have a couple of possible routes in mind for the longest overall single ride, this currently is at 84 miles so will be a bit of a challenge for me.

Would I consider the challenge again?  Definitely, it is a great way to get back into training and has given me a reason to plan a couple of new routes.

How much does it cost?  Nothing you just have to register with the site and start logging your rides.  Personally, it has cost me a couple of inner tubes and a quite a few pieces of skin though.