Deciding to buck the trend and ride a bike instead of staying at home to polish her nails was the start of a rollercoaster ride for Maria Costello.  Buying a bike and hiding it from your parents is one thing but deciding to go racing and keeping that from them is another entirely.

Maria Costello is a very determined women who works hard to compete in a mostly male oriented sport.  Beating the boys at their own game is never going to be popular with certain people but Maria takes it all in her stride.

Queen of Bikers follows Maria's journey from a Northamptonshire teen to a successful bike racer and MBE holder, through relationships both personal and sporting, with positive and negative results.  Chasing the elusive sponsors, setting up teams and dealing with injuries and rehab are all covered in an honest and frank manner with little or no sugar coating.

The book is an entertaining window into the world of a bike racer's struggle to balance personal, working and racing commitments and well worth reading.

The description of her first collarbone injury was quite timely as I was reading the book whilst recovering from my own, which you can read about HERE.

Check out Maria's website for updates and sponsorship opportunities.

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