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Day Three Distance 256 Miles


Day three started with a comprehensive mix of English and continental breakfast, before packing up and heading back into Cuenca´s historic old town.  As you follow the side of the valley you get the odd glimpse of your destination and the valley below.

Parking in the old town is difficult.  There are some bike specific bays down the right side of the cathederal, however when we were there they were all full so we took a chance and abandoned the five bikes in a quiet corner of the square, it was early Sunday morning after all.  More information on Cuenca and the surrounding are can be found here.

After a whirlwind (1.5hr) tour of the old town we headed back to the bikes to find a traffic warden and Grua asking us to move our bikes.  Parking in the wrong area is therefore not advised.  Heading out of Cuenca down the cobbled streets we were glad of the sunny weather, our journey today was homeward bound this being the last day of the trip, on the way we planned for lunch in Albacete and then cross country towards Alcoi, Planes and eventually Pego where we would grab a coffee and disperse.

Views of Cuenca.

From Cuenca we took the N320 to Motilla del Palancar, where we stopped for liquid refreshment, coffee and unleaded, this road is superb with long straight sections between huge fields and then fast flowing bends, great to make up time, we covered the 58km in less than 30 mins, a few pictures were taken along the way for posterity.

After Motilla del Palancer we stayed on the N320 to La Gineta then turned left onto the A31 (more boring road unfortunately) to Villena, we missed our planned lunch in Albacete as the bad weather had returned by this point, opting instead to stop at a roadside bar just after Albacete to shelter from the rain.

From just south of Villena we turned left onto the CV80 towards Alcoi, then Muro de Alcoi, this is all fairly boring dual carriageway, the rain had however cleared by now so we could enjoy the views across the valley.  Turning onto the CV700 from Muro de Alcoi through Planes and on towards Pego the fun should have started as the road is good if a little twisty and the early evening weather was superb, however due to a problem with the chain on the GSXR we limped the last few miles to our coffee stop before each making our own way home.

Thanks to all those who came and made it such a great weekend.

Chrisbiker750 & Back Seat Driver
Fast Fontanero