Taken near the Mere at the bottom of Olivers Mount

Tues 14th July 2020

After the long journey to my parent's house in North Yorkshire, see Part 1, I had the rest of Sunday off the bike and then the Monday too, to catch up with them and rest a little.  By Tuesday though I was itching to get the bike out and go exploring my old stomping ground and visit my daughter and family.  I also had a visit to one of my UK banks to fit, in to sort out a non-functioning debit card amongst other things.

Getting the bike out and seeing it covered in almost 2,500km of road grime, I had the urge to wash it but had no time as I had to get to the bank in Scarborough and then to my daughters for a late breakfast.  My Dad helped me oil the chain before setting off, as I had neglected it a bit on the journey, it was done the night before I left and was starting to look a bit dry with an odd squeak.  After a good dousing, my Dad has a BMW and is not used to chains, I set off into Scarborough and the bank.

The first issue of the day was leaving my parents driveway, they live in a small village with no road markings and certainly no indication of which side of the road you should be on.  This wasn't a problem leaving Eurotunnel as you are funnelled onto the correct side of the motorway and at each stop, I made it was obvious due to lane markings etc.  Luckily I only managed 50m or so before my brain caught up and I was back on the right, left side.  I didn't think this would ever be an issue but I have now been driving/riding in Spain for more years than I did in the UK, so it's inevitable really.

Riding into Scarborough, past houses of old friends and ex-work colleagues, I really wanted to stop to say hello, but I have so many friends and relatives in the area it would take a couple of weeks to visit them all.  Further into town and down onto the seafront for my first view of the beaches where I spent some of my youth.  It was a bit grey and overcast, just as I remember it often being but they are still great memories.

Finally, I pulled up outside the Santander and stood in the queue, with my mask on ready to enter, after a few minutes I entered washed my hands and spoke to the staff, unfortunately, I mentioned that I had come from Spain, as I was doing a change of address, and was then treated like a lepper, with a staff member sent out to wipe down everything that I'd touched, even though I pointed out that I was the only one of the 5 customers in the branch that had actually washed their hands.  My card was then checked in the cash machine outside, the one in the branch and at the counter and declared OK, all were wiped down after use.  At this point, I gave up and left as it was obvious they were just trying to get rid of me as soon as possible.

Next stop, my daughters, via the petrol station, after filling the bike up and going to pay I found that my card still didn't work, not happy, but beyond caring by this point.

My daughter, her partner and my grandson were all pleased to see me and we sat for a couple of hours eating sausage sandwiches and drinking tea, observing social distancing the whole time, its sad not to have a hug as you arrive and depart but the company and conversation goes a long way to make up for it.

Eventually, I set off again, this time out of Scarborough and along the coast road to Whitby, I lived and worked in the area for 32 years before moving to Spain and used to know the roads well, but I took it relatively steady and enjoyed the scenery.  The road from Scarborough to Whitby is a fast-flowing feast of corners and hills and was always one of my favourites, it has unfortunately been spoilt by even more section of double white lines and speed restrictions on the tighter bits.

Overlooking Whitby harbour near the Captain Cook Statue

In Whitby I rode down into town and across the old swing bridge but couldn't turn right towards the pier, more alterations, so headed through town and the slightly longer less interesting route, up to the Captain Cook memorial.  After a few pictures were snapped I wandered over to Clara's for a cup of tea and an ice-cream, it wasn't the warmest day but I couldn't resist.  Sitting on some steps by the cliff was a great way to spend 20 minutes, watching the world go by.  Clara's has great views, lovely ice-cream and friendly staff and is owned by an old work colleague, who was an apprentice the year after me.  As I returned to my bike Chris arrived for the change of shift and we had a good natter for 20 minutes or so catching up with what everyone was doing, who had retired etc.

Overlooking Whitby harbour with the Abbey in the background.

My return journey to Scarborough was back along the coast road, in a little more spirited fashion knowing where all the speed limits where.  The best time to enjoy this was always early on a Sunday morning rather than a Tuesday afternoon but it went well and brought back a load of good memories along with the memories of a near-miss near The Flask when a car overtook another right towards me and I'd had to take avoiding action.  No such incident this time though.

Marine Drive Scarborough with the castle on the headland

Back in Scarborough, I headed around the Marine Drive to take a few shots of the KTM with Scarborough castle in the background before heading out to Olivers Mount road race circuit.

Olivers Mount, start/finish straight

Olivers Mount holds a lot of special memories for me, visiting the bike racing with my parents and brother and occasionally getting paddock passes, to wander around and marvel at the bikes and riders before they did battle on the road course.  Friends and I used to cycle there as kids to see how fast we could get around the circuit, one lap was always enough though.  In later years it was 125cc bikes and then cars that we lapped in whilst trying to keep on the right side of the local constabulary.

This is one of the faster parts of the road circuit

Today and for a good few years the whole circuit has a 30mph speed limit when racing is not in session, hopefully, our often late-night antics had nothing to do with this but I could be wrong.  Whilst there I shot a few pictures of the KTM and then made a couple of quite sedate laps for old times sake, before heading back out of town and to my parents.

A superb day was had despite the issues with the bank.

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