Have you ever been tempted to take on a challenge, run something, climb something or ride something further, faster or for longer than anyone else.  Costa Blanca resident Gill Moorcroft (formerly Roper) took on such a challenge with another girl Mary Donovan, when they accepted an offer from their local bike dealer, Arthur Francis of Watford, to ride from London to Milan in as short a time as possible.

Sharon and Johan originally posted this in ou forum on our old website, however we thought it worthy of an article with pictures so read on and enjoy.

Sh*t what is this! The thought of landing at a brand new airport in Bratislava was not part of my plan to see the commie east.  Anyway plans had gone ahead since January this year to see what was behind the old Iron Curtain...

On Friday 11th June 2010, 10 intrepid explorers embarked on a trip that would change their lives forever, well maybe not forever but for a while.  I haven´t laughed so much for a long time, or been quite so wet on the bike.  Fair weather bikers pah, not us we carried on through rain and hail and along muddy, gravely downhill hairpin strewn roads.  We also visited some of Spains prettier towns, ate lovely food and enjoyed a beer or two.

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