Bikers España 10th Birthday LogoTen years old, wow that has flown past. Actually, we are a little over 10 years old now, as the first article, CV435 Real De Montroi to Dos Aguas, was written and published on 29/04/2009.

Bikers España started as an idea whilst chatting with biking friends about the difficulties in organising a ride out on a Sunday, many of you will relate to this.  Usually, on a Thursday or Friday, I would try to start organising a ride for the coming Sunday.  The first friend would say yes I'm in, the second call would be the same however there would be a catch such as they needed to be back early for a family thing, no problem back to the first person to arrange an earlier ride all sorted.  Then on to the third friend who wanted to start later as they were going out the night before. Quite frustrating.

We came up with the idea of a website with forum facility so that anybody could post a ride and anybody could join in.  This format worked for a number of years, however with the proliferation of Facebook and Whatsapp etc the forum became the least used area of the site and was eventually removed.

We have had bike sales sections which have now been moved to our Facebook Page and Group.  We also had sections for WSBK and MotoGP news which initially were quite popular but have slowed a little and been removed through lack of use.  There is also a mountain biking section, which I haven't updated for a while but must get back too and a few touring articles that I am part way through writing.

Going forwards the website will include ride reports, touring, bike reviews, show reports, Merchandise and anything else that we can squeeze in and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy putting it together.  If any of you would like to contribute to the page in any way, please let me know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.