Long Way Down cover artThe second DVD from the celebrity explorers Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman follows the same recipe as the first with Ewan and Charley riding BMW R1200GS adventures along with Claudio the cameraman and two support vehicles with director, crew, security and medical staff.

The adventure begins with route planning, and visa applications for the many countries they wanted to pass through as well as setup of the vehicles.

The story then progresses to the actual journey which started in John O'Groats, Scotland giving the team a few days to test their equipment before passing through their base in London and on to the channel port to start the journey proper.

The DVD is well put together with a good mix of culture, information and humour, however, it does suffer a little because of the schedule they had to keep, with tension building between the team as things inevitably go wrong.

The DVD is broken into 1hr episodes as it was originally shown on television, with extra footage thrown in for good measure.  Whilst not as good as Long Way Round, it is still a worthy addition to your collection of travel books and dvds.

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