The Rugged Road book coverThe rugged road by Theresa Wallach follows the exploits of Theresa and Florence Blenkiron on their motorcycle journey from London to Cape Town.  The difference between their journey and many others is the fact they did it in 1935 without the use of GPS, mobile phones, quality mapping or even a compass.

Using a Panther motorcycle, Watsonian sidecar and towing a trailer, the two ladies set off from London on 11th December 1934, across the channel to France and then from Marseilles to Algiers where the adventure really began.

The ladies were both keen motorcycle racers of their time entering trials, touring and circuit racing challenges and are two of only three women to lap the Brooklands circuit at over 100mph.

The book is well put together from Theresa's original notes of the trip and contains photographs of people they met on the way-  It tells an entertaining story of two women struggling with equipment, arguing with the French authorities for permission to continue, but eventually winning through. A great addition to any travel collection.