Project 15 is a collection of articles describing the trials and tribulation of getting a 15yr old onto two wheels. The 15yr old in question is my son, the youngest member of the Bikers Espana Team.

For many of our readers the idea of 15yr olds riding scooters is a bit strange as most countries in Europe and the rest of the world have a minimum age of 16. Until recently however the age limit in Spain was 14 and is slowly coming into line with the rest of Europe with some riders falling into the 15yr old temporary age category.

To enable a youngster to ride a ciclomotor (49cc scooter) they need to pass a couple of hurdles, namely a theory test and also a practical test. There are many companies or autoescuela set up to make the process simpler, some will even arrange training and test facilities in English if the Spanish language is a barrier.

When looking for a company to train with keep in mind that initially most of the training is theory and you will be expected to spend a couple of evenings a week in a classroom going through books and listening to lectures. When the instructor deems you to be of a sufficient level to pass the test, this will be arranged, possibly in another town.

On completion of the theory test you will then move on to the practical element. Training for this is carried out in a safe environment usually a school or similar car park at the weekend. This training is charged on an hourly basis often with the use of a school scooter., although you can use yours if you prefer and are able to transport it to the location.

The practical element is all about slow and medium speed control and observation, with trainees weaving between cones without catching mirrors or hitting the cones. Also straight line stability between a couple of parallel lines and then coming to a stop in a controlled manner. To an experienced rider the course looks too easy, but considering the nervousness of the participants mistakes will often be made.

On successful completion of the practical training the instructor will forward the trainee for the actual test and hopefully a new biker is born with a license arriving in the post soon afterwards.

When looking for a training company ask for the price of the package and the hourly rate of the practical training to get a full picture of the costs, typically the package will be between €260 and €360 with the rate for the practical training at an additional €20 per session.

Prices correct at time of writing.


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